Your Old Heating System

The world is moving to heat pumps to heat and cool homes.

For yourself, you need to read this if you have an old heating system in your home. The old system might be a 30 year old gas heater, you might still somehow run off of oil, you might have baseboard heating, or you might even have a pressurized system sending hot water to units in each room. No matter your exact equipment, if it is old and inefficient then you will greatly benefit by installing a new heat pump.

When you have an old system in your home your Utility will provide financial incentives to switch to heat pumps, and there are federal tax incentives too. So be sure to get all the help you can find to make the switch.

Heat pumps have 2 different types, ducted and mini-split. 

If you do not have ducts in your home then integrating new ones is likely too hard as the space for them under your floor and in your walls is probably not there for you to use. So, you’ll be looking at adding a mini-split system where a unit is placed in each room you want to heat, the more units you get the more the system costs.

If you do have ducting in good condition then you can consider replacing your central heater with a heat pump that connects directly to those ducts.

Everyone wants you to heat and cool your home efficiently, it’s better for the environment, it’s cheaper for you, and both the utility and the government will pay for a good portion of the cost.

Electrifying your home while keeping up with its maintenance optimizes government incentives and reduces overall cost of the updates that you already have to make, so before you make another major decision about your home contact Universal Electric & Solar PNW to get the best advice.

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