If your home was built before Windows 95 we gotta talk

Older homes, meaning 30 years or older,  have old electric infrastructure, and that’s not safe.

Universal Electric & Solar PNW is a full service electric  company, we not only update homes into the future with solar but we also update the wires, breakers, fixtures and outlets as well.

If your home was built before 1995 and the electric infrastructure has not been replaced then give us a call, get a review, get a quote, get your home updated to be safe. While we update your basic electric infrastructure we can look at how solar, batteries or smart controls can also fit into your home remodel plan.

Now, please do a couple things for me. See if any outlets in your house leave a plugin loose when it’s plugged into the socket, if so then that is dangerous and you’ll want to get that replaced. Then, think about when you trip breakers, how does that happen? You might want to get that fixed so you can use your home as you need.

At Universal Electric & Solar PNW we see the whole home as a comprehensive electrical concept, it needs to be safe, and on top of that we think it should have intelligence. By adding solar, batteries and smart controls you are adding the intelligence of creating, storing and managing your energy onsite. So, before you make another major decision about your home contact Universal Electric & Solar PNW to get the best advice. www.universalelectricpnw.com

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