Sol-Ark 15k

Universal Electric & Solar PNW is run by experienced solar professionals. For us, we’ve been here for the development of the equipment itself. Solar panels used to produce less than 200 watts, now we have panels the same size producing close to 500 watts. What is more impressive than the solar panel though is the inverter. Right now, the Sol-Ark 15k is by far the most impressive solar inverter available and you need to consider including it in your solar project.

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In no particular order, here are all the best things about the Sol-Ark 15k inverter:

  • Handles up to 19.2kW of solar making it cost effective on larger residential projects
  • Easily integrates a generator, you can power up the batteries with a generator during long power outages.
  • Provides whole home backup to an entire 125amp or 200amp service, that means no critical load panel.
  • Has Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) so you can switch to batteries when the grid goes down so fast that your lights don’t even flicker. 
  • Has the highest powered battery offering so you can power larger equipment like heat pumps when the grid is down. 
  • Its one box! Systems with this much functionality have many boxes cluttering your home.
  • DC couples with a battery for the most efficiency.
  • It’s battery agnostic, so you can pair it with most any battery. Our favorite battery pairing is HomeGrid.
  • Perfect for a ground mounted solar project because it reduces line loss with DC wire runs.
  • EMP protection can be included.
  • Sol-Ark has very good customer service that is very responsive.
  • Sol-Ark staff and manufacturing is based here in the USA.

No other inverter system does all of this. If you step back from larger brands like the Tesla PowerWall or Enphase and you just look at the features then you will quickly see that the Sol-Ark 15k delivers the best option for going solar in 2024!

Contact Universal Electric & Solar PNW today to ensure you get the best inverter included in your solar project. [email protected] 

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