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Beneficial Electrification

Universal Electric & Solar PNW is a Washington State based home electrification company focused on what is being called Beneficial Electrification.

The Environmental and Energy Study Institute defines beneficial electrification as “replacing direct fossil fuel use with electricity in a way that reduces overall emissions and energy costs.” While solar power is included, the Universal Solar & Solar  PNW approach to your home is comprehensive and addresses all of your energy needs at home.

Our services include designing projects for you that consider solar installation, battery for back-up power, appliance electric conversion, generators, heat pumps, smart home electric panels, EV car charging and home monitoring. We can also provide a new roof to ensure your solar panels stay on your roof for a long time. 

At Universal Electric & Solar PNW we want to update your home for the future, and that means electric. Each home needs an assessment of how it currently creates, stores and uses energy, and for the homeowner in that home they need assistance in planning out their future electric vision. While solar plays an important part in updating a home for the future, a comprehensive approach is needed to capture the full value of beneficial electrification.

The solar panels create clean energy and gives your home a new energy source. The smart electric panel replaces your current breaker box and provides monitoring and control on an app on your phone, and allows for a safe and code compliant way to add fast electric vehicle charging. The battery stores energy and provides power when the grid is down. Heat pumps provide efficient heating and air conditioning. Converting appliances to electric provides cleaner indoor air and gets you off of dirty energy. 

By electrifying your home you are switching to a clean energy source, providing back up power when the grid is down, saving money on fuel and energy costs, making your home more comfortable and creating more control and safety in your home.

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