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You are getting solar panels installed on your roof! Great, now you just need to ensure that the roof is ready for it.

First ,and the most important point to make, is that the life of your roof is the financial life of the solar system. It does not matter if the panels last 25 years if you need a new roof in 18 years, in that case you would be installing panels for 18 years and need to look at a financial review that excludes savings beyond that 18 years.

Second, and almost as important as the first, is that you should avoid taking panels off a roof to get a new roof only to re-install the same old panels. The cost of a “remove and replace” is larger than you want it to be because you have to pay for the labor to take the system down and then install it all over again, and the roof mounts need to be new or you’ll not have a water tight installation. DO NOT set yourself up to get a new roof after you get solar panels, be sure to either accept the amount of time left in your roof or get a new roof now.

Think about 12 years from now, do you want to pay to re-install your old panels? In the last 12 years the efficiency of solar panels doubled, so imagine re-installing your old panels in the future when new panels are available that produce twice as much. And, if the panels only have a 25 year warranty but you reinstall them after 10 years on a 25 year lifespan roof then you are expecting 35 years out of 25 year panels, that’s not a good idea. 

At Universal Electric & Solar  PNW we strongly advise you to carefully consider your roof and ensure you have the best plan for it before going solar. Get a quote from us today for your roof, we provide locally made shingles and can get your roof installed quickly.

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