We don’t install obscure batteries

The internet makes things look better than they really are, I think we can all agree on that.

When it comes to a battery that you install in your home, you need good batteries from the best companies. That is why at Universal Electric & Solar PNW we install HomeGrid batteries, they are based in the US and produce their batteries here too. https://www.homegridenergy.com/.  When it comes to solar and battery equipment, American made is the way to go!

HomeGrid makes the Stack’d batteries that we like to use and is backed by a much larger company called Lithion, https://www.lithionbattery.com/. Buying electrical equipment from well established companies is very important and is the only way to go when sourcing a battery that you are connecting directly into the electric service of your home.

There are several other good battery options but HomeGrid is the best of the best. Outside of the good list is everyone else. Who is everyone else? Well, the main B-List name I am referring to is EG4.

EG4 is all over the internet, you can buy it through low end distributors and is commonly referenced on DIY and off-grid forums. If you are installing your own system and especially if it’s off grid then go ahead and buy lower end equipment with poor customer service, that can actually make a ton of sense given the lower upfront cost of the equipment. Don’t let them fool you though, if you are going to pay a contractor to install a battery system on your home then you need to use equipment that comes with a long warranty and good customer service.

EG4 batteries have a 5 year warranty and includes many exclusions to using the warranty. From reviews online it looks like EG4 is slow to provide replacement parts and can send you through quite the loop before they agree to send a new part. HomeGrid on the other hand has a 10 year warranty, they have very responsive customer service and they provide new parts promptly when it’s clear that the battery has an issue.

If you are surfing the web for equipment deals, that is great for a project you are installing yourself, and EG4 might work for you. If you are looking to get a professional install with a contractor then you’ll have to move on from EG4 and look at more reputable battery manufacturers.

Contact Universal Electric & Solar PNW today to get solar and battery installation quotes that only use equipment from manufacturers that pick up the phone when you call them to fix defective parts. www.universalelectricpnw.com 

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