Sol-Ark Inverters

At Universal Electric & Solar PNW, we are the foremost expert in the Sol-Ark 15k inverter here in Washington State.

With our Gold level installer certification with Sol-Ark we are dedicated to bringing the unique features of the Sol-Ark inverter to homeowners in Washington.

The typical solar inverter has very few features, this means that when you want to add batteries, or generators, or just a ton of solar panels you’ll end up with a lot of electrical boxes attached to your home. With Sol-Ark you have all you need in one box to manage a multi-modal energy system. Sol-Ark comes with battery management, generator management, and our favorite version the 15k inverter can intake up to 19.2kW of solar power.

During a grid outage the Sol-Ark inverter will switch over to battery power in under one second, meaning your lights do not flicker, it’s a seamless transition from grid power to battery power.

If a power outage is lasting a long time Sol-Ark can also handle a generator to pick up when the batteries get tanked, this allows you to plan for very long outages while living comfortably in your home.

While the Sol-Ark inverter is the best option for most homeowners the extra value you get with United Solar is that we will take the time to understand your full whole-home energy needs to properly size your entire system from inverter, to solar panels, to batteries, to generator, so you the homeowner, get the system you need and no more.

While there are 4 different versions of the Sol-Ark inverter the “15k” version is the best and we recommend it every time. Check out the specs on their website –

When selecting your inverter think about the ability to expand later, the battery output levels, how different technologies like batteries and generators interact, EMP protection, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), and after you compare the Sol-Ark inverter to every other inverter system you will see it comes with the most and highest features. If you are going to go Solar, you should consider an inverter system that is future-proof for your future upgrades, and that’s Sol-Ark.

Contact Universal Electric & Solar PNW to get a whole-home energy review and to see how Sol-Ark fits into your home electrification plan.

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